Virat Kohli: BCCI nominates Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

   Virat Kohli: BCCI nominates  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

                         The keen and lean Virat Kholi is a perfect example of mastering the skills in the cricketing world . We have seen a true class of Virat in the recent times. This might have lifted many lives with the spirits in high aspiration in the 125 million people nation . Truly – World Class


                    This is sign of TRUE champion and spirited cricket – The Desparado !

                                                      India needs  to wait and watch for his contribution at the pressure  situations in his  innings of cricket in the coming tournaments.

               VIRAT Kholi was Nominated by BCCI as  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and a cash prize of 5 lakhs

in the year 2016 . Way to go VIRAT KHOLI . You deserve IT. Congratulations !!!

Best off Luck  –  Virat Kholi



Startups and Adverts – Digital India

               In the world of Digital Spectrum  our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India on his official website . The dream for every individual in every ones life . In achieving the dreams through any particular DG4channel there needs to be clear demarcation for


the Indian Government in implementation to the highest potential for the ministers and administration personnel to each and every  Indian state political heads and various administrative wings.

          Entrepreneurs and Technocrats are mostly we ahead in the making of Digital India.

More and more students and middle aged group people looking to be future Entrepreneurs to be guides by state or district wise events in the field of business and startups through out the county.

Do you have Entrepreneurs skills or want to setup your own  company in India through startup. Here is how

To support your companies in assisting  with Architecture or Interior Deigning services you can reach to


9 different  pillars of Digital India broadly shown in the picture to the left to equip yourself and to our nation , whilst support the nation in building with the GDP growth. The GDP growth numbers just does not increase or can be projected easily with different analogies from any highest ranking individual in the revenue department . The shall be so many pros and cons to built the GDP and the lives of 1.2 Billion Indians.

Indian Tax system and Indians are NOT poor as on date . Any items what Indians purchase is More or Less equivalent to other countries . This is NO matter what the earning capacity of the the Individual .

To transform the India in Digital India a lot of ground work needs to be done from the state governments to support the Central Government . Like wise the central government needs to closely look into the states that are performing in their GDP growth and support by giving the  special grants as soon as possible . The governments and new governments come and go . But the growth and growth factors does not stop as the Indian Sprites with Entrepreneurs  skills  are high in achieving best with limited resources available and more  with need based infrastructure .

The change can be brought through the vision of our prime minister in very large scale . How many of our ministers are updated with the technology (apps) is the question as on date ? Are our ministers carrying all the required information to boost themselves in serving the country through the Digital medium ?

We have a technology based Chief Minister Shri Chandra Babu Naidu  from Andra Pradesh . He is the tech savvy. Who thinks out of BOX and works more than Airtel 4G . He is truly and amazingly crazy with his usage and implementation in all walks of his administration and his skills . How far the center supports to his administrative and managerial skills  !

Every one is letting every one know that “DIGITAL INDIA – THE FUTURE AND ALL THE COUNTRIES ARE SEEING TOWARDS INDIA”. Marathon of summits and events conducted across INDIA.

We are in the Digital world of computing and Eco friendly state of living . But how far and to what extent are we or the governments using the digital advertising. We see lots of waste being generated through the adverts on banners and supplements just for the sake of publicity . This is a huge area where lots of money is invested in !!! But the mess and the maintenance is NOT looked upon ……..

Countries like Dubai , Abu Dhabi and United Kingdom do not produce any banners by papers for the purpose of elections . Point to note for the  eco friendly living .

In the Digital revolution this needs to be replaced by Digital Advertising   . Your  comments and opinions are appreciated .  DG3

For Business advertising “Google Adwords ”    can be replaced to a great extent  for the  marketing needs .

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Smart City – Involvement and Integrity of the following are required from A-Z

  (By Ar – Sridhar email:


  • Architecture & Engineering and Agriculture
  • Construction and infrastructure needs
  • Canals , Central Control System and Consulting
  • Design and Desalination plants
  • Eco friendly and Emergency response
  • Honesty!!! , Healthcare ,Hydro phonics
  • Information technology – Free Wi-Fi
  • Inner Engineering
  • Industrial Hubs – Organized with Power and Electricity (Why NOT — in large scale Solar!!!)
  • Kinematics
  • Living and Landscaping – Eco friendly Spaces
  • Machine-to-machine , Maintenance and Monitoring Systems
  • Networking
  • Organic farming
  • Planning , Plantation , Public parks and Purity with less pollution
  • Quality life
  • Real estate development
  • Recycle , Reseed , Reproduce , Reinvest and Reinvent, Retired life and Roads
  • Smart grid with Smart metering
  • Senior citizens – Facilities
  • Sanitation and Storm water Designing
  • Solar installation – Saving the power for future, lighting
  • Telecommunications
  • Traffic free??? Terror free and Transportation – Airport , Bus terminus and Vehicles
  • Urban planning
  • Utilities
  • Vertical Developments ,Vehicles – Solar power buses and cars , Bicycles etc
  • Water and water Table
  • Yahoo!!! – Living
  • Zeal – with the local community involvement for a movement for “SMART CITY”.

Twenty20 World Cup -Exciting Finals & Nailbiting Finish

6666– :).. 2 Balls to spare in the final over. Windes clinches the WorldCupT20 in the Last over for the Year 2016 against England in the Finals @ Kolkata , Eden Gardens – The Mecca of Indian Cricket (WIvsEng).WC

The game is set for the finals between England and Windes.Jam packed stadium of over 50,000 crowds for the spectacular event.

Eden gardens
Eden Gardens  – The Mecca of Indian Cricket

                         Darren Sammy for West Indies won the 10th consecutive win of the Toss in the Finals!!! And Invited England to bat first to know the scores. England having a set total of 158 runs from 120 balls in their innings.

                         Both teams are going neck to neck on the comparison of the overs and the excitements in the nail biting match. High tides – while a 4 or 6 on the score board for the West Indies and low altitudes for the England and its FAN’s when it is real on the ground and on the Digital Screen.

                            Can there be any better and an exciting game of cricket than this Final match. Figures crossed and emotions changing every ball in the stadium and the millions of viewers on the TV till towards the end of the match for every spectator. Having a set target by England in their 20 over of 158 runs to win by Windes .

                            In the first half there is always a hope that England could win the Finals. Today it is “Believe” is the word from the westindian team captain Darren Sammy right from the semi final win against India that is un-altered. He and his teammates, coaching team and the managing team are true believers’ in the prayers and the word “Believe “. Darren Sammy previously said “we are 15 match winning players in the team”. The Men in Maroon fought till last breathe of the tournament – That’s the sprit that Windes carried with them and showed the temperament and commitment to the world how good they are as a team and with belive system!!!

The Run -Gum Machine!!!

                         What an exciting finishing by the Carreibians and the crew, the man behind this is Carlos Brathwaite – The run gun – machine for windes. And NOT to forget Samuels for his great knock of 82 where he anchored himself till the end and remained NOT OUT in the Innings .

                         In the final over Ben Stokes took over the charge to bowl the final over to Carlos Brathwaite . The animation of four continuous sixes by Carlos Brathwaite is as follows as he recharged with his batting skills attached with nylon nerves in the digital format cricket – who kept the score board ticking as clock till the end.

First ball . — Of the last over. Off to square-leg for 6 (SIX).

Second ball .. — Of to the long-on for 6(SIX) again , we an see the ball sailing and flying in the air .

Third ball … — Of to 6 again to long-off for a 6(SIX) again, which leveled the scores and took of the game from England – “Carlos Brathwaite admits – a mis-hit one of the key sixes after the match ”!!!!


Fourth ball its 1 run required for and 3 balls remaining. Now it’s again 6(SIX) on the fourth ball of the over to mid-wicket again.

It was amazing victory and a match to conceal up in the millions of hearts allover!!!

                    Can you believe this sort of cricket as we can see all the 4 sixers are just amazing and clean hitting by the batsmen in the pressure winning games and thrown a question and a limelight to the West Indies Cricket Board . Ben Stokes is a legend of a bowler – couple of times he did great work for England. Now in near future that is couple of days we need to watch and see, whether the history repeats for Ben Stokes is similar to Stuart Board ? Ben

Ultimately, It was a nail biting finish and all the Jubilations at the Eden garden ground and in the dressing room with the dancing and enjoying with champane for the Champions in this format of cricket – Windes at the (insert picture). It was one of the remarkable victories ever known to a common man. A match that will be remembered for long time in the Twenty20 format in the cricketing history and —– well beyond the boundaries ,stadium and millions of hearts across the world as Windes finish for the ages – Windes are A True Champions in this Twenty20 format by wining Under 19, Womens and Now Mens .


WestIndies – The Champions!!!

                                   In away this glorious win for Windes is an answer to Nicholas for his remarks well before the tournament!!! —– IS – Caged Now!!!       ((Nicholas-Cage(d))

          Virat Kholi V3– As names Virat for stands tall as The Cricketing King was announced as the “Player of the Tournament” and tweets Congratulations!!! on the Twitter on the occasion of win for West Indians and also selected for the World XI as the Captain.V1


            Respect for and Team and Batsmen (WestIndians & Carlos Brathwaite) and disrespect for the Bowler – Ben Stokes. Irrespective of — Was it Ball or Bat who has won the match for Windes, But Indeed What a way to end The Final ——–Congratulations!!! – West Indies