Indian Mini Bullet Train

modi-downloadPM Modi`s Mini Bullet train “Talgo” successfully completes final trial run.

Apparently PM Modi’s vision to run Bullet trains on Indian rails is becoming overwhelming.

The final train trail of Talgo is completed on Saturday.tdownload Travels with a speed of 180kms/hour .We have Rajdhani Express which completes the distance in 16 hours Mumbai to Delhi. However, thanks to the introduction of the Spanish-manufactured high speed train Talgo, the journey could be completed within less than 13 hours, from last week of September on the Indian rails.

Talgo train is special as the Engine is India and all the nine coaches are Spanish made. The Interiors are elegant and exclusivet2downloadly designed for the Indian travelers with LED lights and high tech comfortable seats.  This gives the royal and fast experience for the travelers using Talgo train. Also provided with high-tech kitchen and pantry. I don’t want to forget to mention regarding the toilets, no less than the toilets in aircraft. This including two executive class compartments, four chair cars, a cafeteria, a power car, and a tail-end coach for equipment.t4download

The meaning of Talgo stands for Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol, meaning light articulated train in Spanish, with Alejandro Goicoechea and Jose Luis Oriol being the company’s owners.

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Vizag Real Estate Investment

Welcome to the news and investment opportunities on vizag investment in real estate sector . We have Mumbai as the hub for the real estate in the West . Now and In future we  have Vizag – Smart City as the major hub for real estate .14 Andhra Pradesh is being driven by Chief minister  Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu at an aggressive pace in the current government . Most of the foreign investors are showing enthusiasm to invest in Andhra Pradesh . Also our Indian government is supporting with various projects in different sectors. Hence there would be a tremendous growth opportunity in the employment sector and Real estate .

                                                                         Vizag being adopted by America to do its best for the Vizag smart city . Visakhapatnam has made to the Smart City Challenge under 20 top cities in India .  To know more about Visakhapatnam as smart city and its various improvements click on the link Vizag Smart City   . 12Also Vizag is the 5th Cleanliest city in India . Our Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s one of the favorite place  is Vizag as per the tweet mentioned. In the recent AP Summit an investment of around 5 Lakh crores of investment was taken a shape in different projects with Andhra Pradesh government as Mou .  Due to all this focus and the major institutions are having a place in Vizag.  Vizag is in limelight and a piece of cake for anyone investing no or for their future generation .

                              As real estate being best market places to reap benefits on short time.  Most recently, I have visited and number of ventures in Vizag during my vacation in vizag to look for a plot for my self . I will share the rest of the ventures in the coming days . To have an update regarding  the real estate information and trends you may email on  . Most  of the real estate ventures in vizag are around 9,000 to 12,000 rupees per sq yards for plots in a gated community in and around newly coming up International Airport. Few of the  website for your quick reference 1.   etc

                      Most recently I have come across with one off  venture with 7,000 Rs. per sq yards with best facilities,  its membership is also free for the amenities they  are providing . This venture is having well built roads , infrastructure , club house and very near to  newly coming 15airport within 4 kilometers radius  .

                     It is interesting to note that, according to the direction and place of the property of  the plot, there  is a price from  real estate promoters .

18 Myself being an Architect and Project Manager , I will he happy to help you out in designing your dream farm house in vizag smart city  for free . You can have a look on our website for information

 Buy a plot for less investment today and reap profits very early in short time in the city of destiny – Vizag Smart City. Its is now or never you can have a piece of land/plot from 90,166,180,200,266,346,473,555,725 and 900 sq.yards  as investment for you and your family in roaring land for profits , reach us to find details . Minimum amount for investment is as low as Rs 6,30,000 . In over 1 year you are ready to see at least and minimum of Rs.1500 increase per sq.yards. Proven fact that real-estate  sector in gated community  is better investment than saving  as deposits in the bank. Site visit arranged immediately on the same day on your call for having a look and feel of the site .


Date 14/06/2016 Project Scheme:GATE   

Total Plots:705                    Plot Alloted:412                      Plot Available:293  

Date 21/05/2016 Project Scheme:GATE   

Total Plots:705                    Plot Alloted:408                        Plot Available:297  

Date 15/05/2016 Project Scheme:GATE   

Total Plots:705                    Plot Alloted:406                        Plot Available:299   

           share and leave a comment to get in touch with you for any information or services .



Smart City – Involvement and Integrity of the following are required from A-Z

  (By Ar – Sridhar email:


  • Architecture & Engineering and Agriculture
  • Construction and infrastructure needs
  • Canals , Central Control System and Consulting
  • Design and Desalination plants
  • Eco friendly and Emergency response
  • Honesty!!! , Healthcare ,Hydro phonics
  • Information technology – Free Wi-Fi
  • Inner Engineering
  • Industrial Hubs – Organized with Power and Electricity (Why NOT — in large scale Solar!!!)
  • Kinematics
  • Living and Landscaping – Eco friendly Spaces
  • Machine-to-machine , Maintenance and Monitoring Systems
  • Networking
  • Organic farming
  • Planning , Plantation , Public parks and Purity with less pollution
  • Quality life
  • Real estate development
  • Recycle , Reseed , Reproduce , Reinvest and Reinvent, Retired life and Roads
  • Smart grid with Smart metering
  • Senior citizens – Facilities
  • Sanitation and Storm water Designing
  • Solar installation – Saving the power for future, lighting
  • Telecommunications
  • Traffic free??? Terror free and Transportation – Airport , Bus terminus and Vehicles
  • Urban planning
  • Utilities
  • Vertical Developments ,Vehicles – Solar power buses and cars , Bicycles etc
  • Water and water Table
  • Yahoo!!! – Living
  • Zeal – with the local community involvement for a movement for “SMART CITY”.