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 Tools for growing your small business…through different web marketing sites


Without the right tools and resources it can be hard for any Internet Entrepreneur to get their business off the ground.

Today, the Internet is so jam-packed with information and I understand it can be hard to make up your mind about what tools you should leverage to start and run your Internet Business effectively.

Trust me! – the information overload,trial and error and money that can be wasted before finding the right tools can turn into a nightmare really fast!

Luckily, I already went through that and you don’t have to!

Below is a list of the top tools and resources that I recommend and currently use or have used for my Internet Business, to ensure I had what I needed to succeed online.

Please note: Some of the tools below are free and others are paid. You will never pay more for a tool or resource but I may earn an affiliate commission should you invest in any of the tools below via my links. As always, if you choose to do so, your support of Internet Entrepreneur Connection is appreciated!

Hosting & Website Hosting

  • The Best Web hosting site : Bluehost – Since finding Bluehost I have abandoned my prior Hosting company. What I absolutely love about Bluehost is it’s 1-click WordPress installation process. It doesn’t get any easier than that and you can literally be up and running in minutes.


Business Blog or Website


  • WordPress – WordPress is a not only free and dynamic website. It is the #1 website for publishing software platform that you can download to create your Business blog or website. Having used other website software platforms in the past, I highly recommend WordPress because of it’s flexibility, customization and and plug-in options.
  • OptimizePress – Not a Website Developer or Computer Programmer? No Problem! With Optimize Press you can create some of the best looking Blogs, Sales Pages, Membership Sites, Websites, Launch Funnels and Authority Blogs with absolutely no Programming experience.


Email Marketing

  • Aweber – No matter your niche or industry, building an email list of potential customers or clients is a must. Engaging your customers through email campaigns is the best way to build connections, trust and rapport. Aweber is one of the mostrecommended resources and I have to say that I highly agree. It’s very customizable and has excellent statistical reporting.




  • eLance – Being able to outsource tasks so that you can free up more time or so that you can concentrate on income producingactivities is key, for any entrepreneur. Elance is on of best platforms to help you find talented people all over the world that are willing to help you at a great price. Learn more about my experience hiring a WordPress developer on eLance.
  • – I’ve used 99Designs anytime I need to outsource work for a good design for a product. I’ve used them more recently for the design of my eBook now available on Amazon. What I love about 99 Designs is that you have designers competing for your business and you are guaranteed to get the best artwork every time!


  • oDesk – Is another outsourcing platform. It’s easy and free to post jobs that eager workers are ‘chomping at the bit’ to work on, for you, so that you can concentrate all of the income producing activities!




  • Mindmeister: Mindmeister is an Online Mind-mapping and Brainstorming productivity tool that I use to organize and map out some of my best product ideas!

Email Marketing for Your Small Business Needs

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