Indian Mini Bullet Train

modi-downloadPM Modi`s Mini Bullet train “Talgo” successfully completes final trial run.

Apparently PM Modi’s vision to run Bullet trains on Indian rails is becoming overwhelming.

The final train trail of Talgo is completed on Saturday.tdownload Travels with a speed of 180kms/hour .We have Rajdhani Express which completes the distance in 16 hours Mumbai to Delhi. However, thanks to the introduction of the Spanish-manufactured high speed train Talgo, the journey could be completed within less than 13 hours, from last week of September on the Indian rails.

Talgo train is special as the Engine is India and all the nine coaches are Spanish made. The Interiors are elegant and exclusivet2downloadly designed for the Indian travelers with LED lights and high tech comfortable seats.  This gives the royal and fast experience for the travelers using Talgo train. Also provided with high-tech kitchen and pantry. I don’t want to forget to mention regarding the toilets, no less than the toilets in aircraft. This including two executive class compartments, four chair cars, a cafeteria, a power car, and a tail-end coach for equipment.t4download

The meaning of Talgo stands for Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol, meaning light articulated train in Spanish, with Alejandro Goicoechea and Jose Luis Oriol being the company’s owners.

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