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               In the world of Digital Spectrum  our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India on his official website . The dream for every individual in every ones life . In achieving the dreams through any particular DG4channel there needs to be clear demarcation for


the Indian Government in implementation to the highest potential for the ministers and administration personnel to each and every  Indian state political heads and various administrative wings.

          Entrepreneurs and Technocrats are mostly we ahead in the making of Digital India.

More and more students and middle aged group people looking to be future Entrepreneurs to be guides by state or district wise events in the field of business and startups through out the county.

Do you have Entrepreneurs skills or want to setup your own  company in India through startup. Here is how

To support your companies in assisting  with Architecture or Interior Deigning services you can reach to


9 different  pillars of Digital India broadly shown in the picture to the left to equip yourself and to our nation , whilst support the nation in building with the GDP growth. The GDP growth numbers just does not increase or can be projected easily with different analogies from any highest ranking individual in the revenue department . The shall be so many pros and cons to built the GDP and the lives of 1.2 Billion Indians.

Indian Tax system and Indians are NOT poor as on date . Any items what Indians purchase is More or Less equivalent to other countries . This is NO matter what the earning capacity of the the Individual .

To transform the India in Digital India a lot of ground work needs to be done from the state governments to support the Central Government . Like wise the central government needs to closely look into the states that are performing in their GDP growth and support by giving the  special grants as soon as possible . The governments and new governments come and go . But the growth and growth factors does not stop as the Indian Sprites with Entrepreneurs  skills  are high in achieving best with limited resources available and more  with need based infrastructure .

The change can be brought through the vision of our prime minister in very large scale . How many of our ministers are updated with the technology (apps) is the question as on date ? Are our ministers carrying all the required information to boost themselves in serving the country through the Digital medium ?

We have a technology based Chief Minister Shri Chandra Babu Naidu  from Andra Pradesh . He is the tech savvy. Who thinks out of BOX and works more than Airtel 4G . He is truly and amazingly crazy with his usage and implementation in all walks of his administration and his skills . How far the center supports to his administrative and managerial skills  !

Every one is letting every one know that “DIGITAL INDIA – THE FUTURE AND ALL THE COUNTRIES ARE SEEING TOWARDS INDIA”. Marathon of summits and events conducted across INDIA.

We are in the Digital world of computing and Eco friendly state of living . But how far and to what extent are we or the governments using the digital advertising. We see lots of waste being generated through the adverts on banners and supplements just for the sake of publicity . This is a huge area where lots of money is invested in !!! But the mess and the maintenance is NOT looked upon ……..

Countries like Dubai , Abu Dhabi and United Kingdom do not produce any banners by papers for the purpose of elections . Point to note for the  eco friendly living .

In the Digital revolution this needs to be replaced by Digital Advertising   . Your  comments and opinions are appreciated .  DG3

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