What is a BLOG!

A Blog is a regularly updated website or web page of your own interest, Blog1

typically one run by an individual person of his own interest or small group of people, that is typically written in an informal or conversational style according to the blog content.

Originally, blogs were the work of a single author by yourself, or in some cases several other authors. However, the widespread and popularity of blogging quite recently has spread into the wider publishing arena with many news outlets are using blogs to engage their readers online and to your near and dear. If your engagement of your blog is more than 1% then your article seems to be having information. You can measure your engagement by methods like graphs and analytics provided by different websites in respective social media sites.

A BLOG is usually updated frequently, maybe daily, weekly or even several times a day, it all depends on the blogger. Depending on the topics which the blog covers, a blog could probably be considered stale if it was not updated for several months. In contrast to a traditional website this may be updated irregularly,

A BLOG is an article of minimum 350 words. You can write a blog on any of your topic that you are interested in your subject. For example a blog can be written on Entertainment & Movies , Fashion , Lifestyle , Technology , Travel , Business and Startups , Marketing and social media and Travel .

A BLOG refers to a webpage which is published by either an individual of the website or a group of individuals in an organistion. BLOGS are used to comment on all sorts of topics as mentioned above, depending on the interests of the blogger by his choice and topic of the (author).

WordPress is the software used by 64% in the world to create or write blogs and other content management systems (CMS) have also proved popular with bloggers. WordPress, for example, you can choose from a whole host of ready-made designs (themes) designed to the specific needs or to content, and a vast array of easy-to-install widgets or plugins which add functionality to the standard WordPress installation.   Blog3


Most blogs and bloggers enable the visitors to post comments and/or suggestions allowing interactivity between the blogger and the visitors as to make responsive. This can create a connection between the blogger and their readers for the engagement which the blogger created for the written article, which is what most bloggers would say blogging is all about.

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