Virat Kohli: BCCI nominates  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

                         The keen and lean Virat Kholi is a perfect example of mastering the skills in the cricketing world . We have seen a true class of Virat in the recent times. This might have lifted many lives with the spirits in high aspiration in the 125 million people nation . Truly – World Class

                           I have observed and watched his play to be a burning sensation right from his world cup victory at under 19. Now , it  seems to be  he is in full form  in all forms of cricket . He is hungry for wins for the country with his batting skills . He keeps no clam and keeps the crowd to cheer for INDIA no matter what !!!


                              He is taking the charge at the right moment being on the crease – and making it into winning team . He is back charging the bowlers to the very specific ball in the 2020 format to move inch and inch forward . On the promising front for the cricketing nation INDIA – Virat Kholi does the JOB.

                             This is sign of TRUE champion and spirited cricket – The Desparado !


                              Virat Kholi raised from one tournament to another and from one place to place like in Dhaka  for the Asia Cup , Kolkota and Mohali for the critical matches . Stood as a tall order for TEAM India — where Team India  having failed for the very first match against NewZeland  in the league match . We can see him play the best of the cricketing shots and the GULLY cricket shots in his batting caliber – Some shots are NOT in the Book of Cricket .

                            If I am NOT wrong!!! I have noticed his batting stance past 2 years has  changed in the quite recent times with his positioning being perfect to his height , earlier the stance is NOT confident aaand close. He is playing as a quite tough cricketer with his bowlers and fielders  from the opponent teams in the  recent times . 

                            The last innings that he played , We can  see the real temperament and the  real burning hunger for the winning streaks for INDIA and NOT for RUNNNNS ALONE!.

                           India needs  to wait and watch for his contribution at the pressure  situations in his  innings of cricket in the coming tournaments.

               VIRAT Kholi was Nominated by BCCI as  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in the year 2016 . Way to go VIRAT KHOLI . You deserve IT. Congratulations !!!

Best off Luck  –  Virat Kholi